lakewood 1/2 Marathon



5K Fun Run

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Location: Fort Steilacoom Park

Lakewood, Washington

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Welcome to JustTRI



***Inaugural JustTRI Finisher Medal Design Contest***

ALL OF US AT JustTRI are so excited to share something extraordinary, unique, and super fun with all of you‼️‼️

YOU are why we do what we do, so we decided to hold our first ever medal design contest‼️‼️‼️‼️

INTRODUCING our Inaugural “justTRI Fan’s Choice Finisher Medal Design” contest‼️

YOU, OUR ATHLETES, FANS, FOLLOWERS and anyone you think has what it takes to be the designer of our finisher medal, are ALL welcome to get your creative juices flowing and submit designs.

So invite your friends and family to follow, like and share our Facebook pages then follow along as we have some fun & see who has the artistic touch to capture the hearts of the fans and become the official artist of our finisher medal this year.

Contest information and rules:

Entry submissions Begin Tues. 3/6 with all design submissions ending Fri 3/30 at 11:59 pst.

At this time we will take all submissions and organize them for preliminary voting which will begin Mon.. 4/2 and end Thurs. 4/5. Then, watch our Facebook feed because on Friday 4/6, the top 10 designs will be re-posted for final voting. Final Voting will end 4/7 at 11:59 pst.

The 2018 JustTRI inaugural Fan’s Choice medal design ~ winning artist for the Black Hills Triathlon being held on June 17th will be announced Monday 4/9 on our JustTRI Facebook page.

•Limit 2 medal design submissions per person.

•Medal specs to consider when creating your design submission: medal should be approximately 2.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide.

Medal artwork must include “JustTRI” in design

•Our title sponsor for the 2018 Black Hills Triathlon is “Olympia Orthopaedic Associates” and must be included in your finisher medal design.

•The winner will receive their choice of 1 free (solo or team) entry into the Black Hills Triathlon (value $100.) OR gift card for $100. Plus the bragging rights of being the wining artist of all the 2018 BHT finisher medals across the PNW and beyond; hung proudly on walls and posted all over social media by athletes as well as JustTRI....

Pretty sweet, right ;)

*ALL submissions should be emailed to: [email protected]

**All designs submitted in this process become exclusive property of JustTRI

*** you are also welcome to share your designs on our facebook page and tag us. Please note official submissions will only be accepted via the email above.

Good Luck and have FUN! We can’t wait to see your amazing talent.

~The JustTRI staff


•JustTRI main Facebook page

•Black Hills Triathlon Facebook page


Spring Series 2018 at Ft. Steilacoom Park

See all the Pictures here!

7 miler race 1st place overall

57:32  Bib#21 Congratulations!!!

7 miler race 2nd place overall

58:12 Bib #15  Congratulations!!!

Our Recent Work

7 miler race 3rd place overall

103:13  Bib#14 Congratulations!!!

Race morning set up

The Taylor kiddos helping Marc make some finishing touches to start before racers arrive. 

3/18/18: Dragon1 ~ Ft. Steilacoom Park Race Results 

     Place/ Bib/ Name/ Distance/ Time
  • 1 21 Glen Cole 7 Mile 57:28.6
  • 2 15 Kara Sandusky 7 Mile 58:09.7
  • 3 14 Myriah Johnson 7 Mile 1:03:09.0
  • 4 44 Nelson Aleman 7 Mile 1:08:12.2
  • 5 31 Valerie Allison 7 Mile 1:08:17.4
  • 6 24 Ann Miles 7 Mile 1:09:13.3
  • 7 16 John Rodriguez 7 Mile 1:10:22.6
  • 8 36 Clyde Shipp 7 Mile 1:10:29.0
  • 9 38 Jake Sullivan 7 Mile 1:12:36.3
  • 10 27 Katie Stamwitz 7 Mile 1:13:50.7
  • 11 26 Kristy Obrian 7 Mile 1:13:51.5
  • 12 40 Yumi Miller (Rachael) 7 Mile 1:15:51.7
  • 13 39 Yumi Miller 7 Mile 1:15:57.3
  • 14 7 Dale Anderson 7 Mile 1:17:06.5
  • 15 2 Deanna Carr 7 Mile 1:17:28.8
  • 16 23 Chris Bodine 7 Mile 1:17:38.1
  • 17 30 Francesca Dewalt 7 Mile 1:18:59.7
  • 18 32 Carmen Frye 7 Mile 1:19:32.4
  • 19 20 Bobby Griffith 7 Mile 1:23:30.0
  • 20 4 Jessica Griffith 7 Mile 1:23:58.1
  • 21 35 Jimmy Webb 7 Mile 1:24:23.3
  • 22 34 Christina Webb 7 Mile 1:24:32.1
  • 23 5 Christine Driemeyer 7 Mile 1:25:26.6
  • 24 3 Tammy Heltemes 7 Mile 1:25:38.5
  • 25 6 Sami Jo Banda 7 Mile 1:26:39.2
  • 26 17 Ronica Sobiech 7 Mile 1:26:55.6
  • 27 13 Faryssa Bodine 7 Mile 1:27:01.8
  • 28 22 Jerry Berndt 7 Mile 1:27:58.7
  • 29 11 Jennefer Anderson 7 Mile 1:28:32.5
  • 30 42 Brenda Goodline 7 Mile 1:29:30.3
  • 31 33 Kelly Groenwold 7 Mile 1:30:40.4
  • 32 37 Edwin Moral 7 Mile 1:32:45.2
  • 33 43 Beckie Dorthy 7 Mile 1:33:30.3
  • 34 10 Melissa Clarberg 7 Mile 1:35:08.2
  • 35 25 Sylvia Kehl 7 Mile 1:37:57.9
  • 36 29 Kate Stone 7 Mile 1:37:58.7
  • 37 12 Monique Berndt 7 Mile 1:39:25.1
  • 38 28 Normal Humpheys 7 Mile 1:40:17.1
  • 39 9 Kelly Crocker 7 Mile 1:40:30.8
  • 40 8 Merridith Russel 7 Mile 1:45:10.2
  • 1 57 Cesar Garcia 5K 24:05.5
  • 2 65 Zachery Aceret 5K 29:03.2
  • 3 62 Jourdin Stewart 5K 29:32.1
  • 4 66 Kira Hutchinson 5K 33:40.1
  • 5 51 Kimberly Amberg 5K 34:21.1
  • 6 64 Alexis Quesenberry 5K 38:23.9
  • 7 55 Cadence Turnbull 5K 38:33.6
  • 8 54 Jamie Turnbull 5K 38:33.6
  • 9 63 Glen Quesenberry 5K 38:40.6
  • 10 52 Bill Napier 5K 44:07.9
  • 11 50 Mary Huff 5K 45:13.6
  • 12 53 Cindy Napier 5K 45:30.0
  • 13 70 Maria Reyes 5K 1:46:53
  • 14 69 Andrea Reyes 5K 1:47:01
  • 15 58 Wendy Huber 5K 50:18.3
  • 16 56 Alissa Nicholson 5K 50:55.4
  • 17 90 Bryan Nicolson 5K 50:55.4
  • 18 59 Victoria Okuly 5K 51:08.5
  • 1 142 Lincoln Musselman 1 26:20.3
  • 2 143 David Musselman 1 1:43:05
  • 3 141 Zander Musselman 1 1:43:08
  • 4 140 Arianny Esparza 1 1:47:03
  • 5 139 Chris Esparza 1 1:47:05
  • 6 144 Rosemary Herrera 1 1:49:00

The first race of the JustTRI 7 Dragon Series is in the books. The stories all of us on the Pro staff heard collectively,  were so inspirational...athletes found that they could push themselves further than they thought they could. Athletes that made it to the START LINE, WON. 

 CONGRATULATIONS! Today is the first day of the BEST of your life! You are enough~

p.s. be sure you are following the JustTRI Facebook page to see the complete album of photos taken on race day for your convenience to tag and share with friends and social media as well as save for yourself. (Look in FB album: Dragon 1) ;-)

Video Clips



The Just Tri 7 mile and 5K Run at three great locations: Fort Steilacoom Park, DuPont, and Lacey.  And of course there's a free 1 mile run / walk too.  We offer a total of Seven, 7 mile and 5K  events throughout the summer.  The events will be worthy of a challenge, yet suitable for basic runners.  Click here to sign up for the next two (Fort Steilacoom was on March 18th)  - The Spring Summer Series!  Sign up individually by clicking on the Dates!  (April 22nd, or May 13th)  Mother's Day--May 13th--we are developing a special "I love you Mom" Medal!!

Click here to see more information!!

June 17th,

July 14th, Aug 4th 

The Triple Threat Series is back! Join Black Hills Triathlon, Lakewood SummerFEST Triathlon, and the JBLM Pacific Pathways Triathlon for a summer of races!

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR EACH RACE INDIVIDUALLY. Simply register click here for the Triple Threat and you will be signed up for all three.  Upon completion of all three triathlons, Triple Threat participants will receive a Triple Threat Series medal, t-shirt and an entry in a raffle for a grand prize.  These are in addition to the Race T's and Medals given at each individual Triathlon.

For the past 5 years the Black Hills Sprint Triathlon has been held in Lacey at the Thurston County Fairgrounds.  This year, it will again be held in Lacey, but will utilize Long Lake Park for T1 &T2.  The legacy in Lacey will continue.


Format will be focused on New Triathletes, but will include advance tips. Emphasis on having a safe, fun and competitive Triathlon. 1.5 hrs, including question and answer. 2X USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coaches.  Come learn how to set your PR!

Click here to see more information!!


SummerFEST 10K and 5K.  We have designed a really nice course.  The course is mostly flat.  There is one section with a down hill which is tree covered and is gorgeous - Great woodland views.  Map coming out soon.  Registration coming soon!

Just Tri is hosting the 2nd Annual of this incredible - incredibly tough - run. 2017 was AMAZING. Participants crossed the finish in tears - tears of pain! But also tears full of accomplishment! This is the absolutely most beautiful run in Lakewood and Steilacoom!   Join the 5K or the Just Tri 7 mile run series too!

Black Hills Triathlon

Title Sponsor

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates sees over 100,000 patients and performs more than 10,000 surgeries a year making it the largest orthopaedic group in southwest Washington. With locations on the Eastside and Westside of Olympia and the continuum of care we offer, Olympia Orthopaedic Associates is dedicated to providing our patients with convenience and the highest quality orthopaedic services to get you back to the life you deserve, a Life in Motion.

Black Hills Triathlon

Presenting Sponsor

Capital Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Surgery, Olympia WA

Ryan D. Womack, MD, DDS is a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

He practices a full scope of oral surgery with expertise ranging from corrective jaw surgery to wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Womack can also diagnose and treat facial pain, facial injuries and TMJ disorders, and perform a full range of dental implant and bone grafting procedures.

His office is located at 2008 Caton Way SW, Suite 101, Olympia, WA.

Olympia Federal Savings

Black Hills Triathlon

Presenting Sponsor

Oly Fed offers checking account options to meet your needs. Review options and decide what's right for you, or visit with a customer service representative at a branch to help. And now moving your checking is easy and hassle free with the Oly Fed Switch Kit.



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