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Just TRI was created in 2017 and has evolved into a limited liability corporation.

We host community athletic events that range from running to triathlon.

Just TRI partners with other event coordinators to provide
assistance in directing, producing and announcing including:

finish line setup, race arch rentals and timing services.

Join a Just TRI race and experience what it feels like to be a champion.

Just TRI creates an atmosphere of more than just fun.

Just TRI provides this incredible sense of accomplishment –

a great big HIGH FIVE when you finish under the big black and gold

Just TRI arch along with a unique medal for every finisher.

This is a judgment free zone!

It’s for fast runners, slow joggers, walkers, kids and family pets!
Just TRI has the drive to succeed along with the will to create challenging events

that are both safe and fun for the whole family!

The founder and owner of Just TRI, Marc Chung,

started the company to fulfill a childhood dream...

and the opportunities to grow are endless.

Get on board and join Just TRI!

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