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Pacific Raceways Circuit Series

Just TRI is expanding and purchased the Pacific Raceways Circuit Series from BuDu Racing.  Our intention is 

to maintain the same level of quality and competition that these bike races have accomplished in the past. 

Looking forward to a fun year of bike racing out at the Pacific Raceways track in Kent, Washington.

2024 Registration is now open! See info below:

The 5, 10, and Team passes are available at this link:

Race Registrations for the Tuesday Night Series are available at this link:

Keep in mind, the passes/gift cards are at a different registration link. You will want to purchase your pass FIRST! You will need the gift card code to use the pass for Race Registration. This is different than in the past.

Issues or questions about registration, email us at


2024 Schedule

Just like in the past, Just TRI will host the bike races on Tuesday nights in 2024, when the track is available.

  • April 30

  • May 14

  • May 28

  • June 4

  • June 25

  • July 9

  • July 30

  • August 6

  • *August 12 (Monday)

  • August 20

  • *September 4 (Wednesday)

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