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Very Clean and feeling of safety is abound

One day in Singapore

June 27, 2022

Initially, I only spent one day here, but it was the most relaxing days ever.  I enjoyed a stroll among the beautiful river walk.   At one of the many cafes I enjoyed a green "Detox" drink.  I needed that after Thailand!

As I have heard, Singapore is very clean, safe and 'dignified', if you will.  I agree.  One gets a feeling that they are extremely safe in Singapore.  As the taxi driver explained there are strict rules about drugs, crime, and 'mischief' here.  Break the rules and risk a good Caning!

My ride to Malaysia, pictured below!!  On to the Desaru coast.

My second visit to Singapore is coming soon!

July 20, 2022

I'll be back in Singapore with my friend Jennifer 

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