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The Unbelievable Journey started by accident.  After being deployed to Korea for my last whoorah in the Amy I knew I wanted to travel for just a bit before going back home to the United States.   I saw a Face Book ad for the Asia Golf Invitational Golf Tournament.  Since I have been working really hard on my game, I thought sure I'll play in the tournament and see what happens.  I did not win the tournament, but learned a lot about the game and since I was here in Asia why not see a few countries along the way home.

As of July 9, 2022 I am in Johor Bahru and am continuing to plot my way through Asia.  I have invited several friends to join me along the Journey.  The unbelievable journey.  Thus the Unbelievable Journey was created. 

Marc Chung - Traveller

This picture was taken in Korea on the first day of his travels to Asia.

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