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Triathlon Training Plan

Some basics that I teach and coach my athletes:

1. You're going to "Plan your Triathlon and Triathlon your Plan" This is YOUR Race, not the athlete next to you.

2. You will train hard, but smart. You will rest when you need to, your body will tell you when to rest and you will.

3. You will deal with setbacks, recognize them, train around them and train through them.

4. Training is a mindset, racing is the same mindset....Train in the zone, race in the zone. You're going to practice your concentration and mental focus while training - and while racing.

5. You are going to mentally rehearse game day...what's it feel like? What's the water smell like? Windy conditions? Too Hot / too cold? Kicked by a fellow swimmer? How do you deal with this on race day? Take each element one day at a time and start expecting it now and how to deal with it then. Even basic things like; how do you mount your bike, kick your shoes off, and when to fuel?

6. After the race, briefly analyze your race, clean up your bike & gear, then set your bike down for a couple days!  Rest and give the road a break for a period of time.  This is a important mental break and facilitates staying in the sport of Triathlon by preventing burnout. 

Coach Marc's 4 month Triathlon program includes:

* Unlimited communication with me through text, email and messenger.

* Weekly contact by phone on an as needed basis and continuous support on race day and the days leading up to the race.

* Race fueling plans and guidance.

* Detailed Training Plan built so you can accomplish a 70.3, Olympic or Sprint Distance Triathlon.  Including “B” race recommendations in order to get you ready for your "A" race.

* Race mentoring, motivation and advice; Pre and Post race.

* Race training plan; Training Peaks. Provides daily, weekly and monthly training schedules. Training Peaks is great because you can see your intensity efforts – both high and low intensity periods to maximize your ability to peak during your “A” races.

* Recommendations on additional training or studies that will increase your athleticism; gait analysis, yoga classes, swim classes, nutrition plans, etc...

Join anytime.  Set your goals and we work towards accomplishing them together!

Contact Coach Marc Chung

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