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The Importance of Goals

Have you signed up for a Just TRI 5K or a Half Marathon this year? Are you going to accept the challenge and earn the 2024 Year of the Dragon award? Before you start planning a training program, you need to set some goals.

Whether you are new to running or getting back into it after some time off, setting a goal time to beat or a goal distance to complete gives you something to work towards. It also gives you a way to measure your personal success.

Based on your current level of fitness and the amount of time you have to train, it is important that your goals are achievable. Choose a distance that is challenging but also realistic. If you have never run before, a 5K is a great distance goal to start.

To meet your goals, you need to develop a plan to train. There are many free training programs available online. Find the one that best suits your level of fitness and your goals. Commit to a plan and schedule your workouts so they become part of your daily routine.

Keep in mind that you need to include time to rest as part of your training plan. Without rest, your body will not have time to recover. Lack of proper rest can lead to injuries. Injuries are not only painful, but they also can be frustrating as they force you to rest and possibly miss your goals.

Goals are motivating! Think about why you want to run.

Is it for the health benefits? Running can make you stronger and healthier.

Is it for the psychological benefits? Running is a great from of stress relief, it can give you a boost to your mood, and some studies say it gives you protection against depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Is it for the social benefits? Whether you run with a group of friends or you run on your own, there are many social opportunities at an organized race---5K and Half Marathon, for example. Meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and share the joy of crossing the finish line with others.

Whatever your goals are for 2024, Just TRI has four running events to help you move forward in your running journey. Join us for one 5K or complete the 2024 Year of the Dragon series, just get out there and try. As always, BELIEVE!

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