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2024 "Year of the Dragon"

The "Year of the Dragon" officially starts on February 10, 2024. Just in time for Just TRI's 2024 race season and the "Year of the Dragon" Series. Every athlete has the opportunity to win the Dragon Award. You simply need to complete four events. Option 1---Run/Walk four 5Ks. Option 2---Run/Walk the Half Marathon and three 5Ks. Finish the course at your pace on April 21st, May 11th, June 30th and September 7th...Just TRI will provide the fun and challenging events that the whole family can enjoy.

Every event will also include a Kids Fun Run. Every child that enters will receive a finisher's medal.

Every athlete that finishes a 5K or Half Marathon race will receive one of the coveted Just TRI finisher's medals and a t-shirt. Just sign up, show up, and finish!

If you've never been to a Just TRI event, you will be amazed at how much fun we all have on race day. Each course is designed to be fun and fast. Are there hills? Maybe a small one here and there. Are there beautiful views of a lake? Of course! Will there be music and refreshments at the start/finish line? Yes and yes! Will you finish under the awesome Just TRI arch? Without a doubt, you will finish and the Just TRI Pro Staff will be waiting to cheer you on and give you the medal you deserve!

Whether you do one race or all four, sign up now and start training for an incredible 2024 season.

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