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It's all about the bagels...

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and should not be taken seriously.

Call it a routine or call it a habit. Maybe it's a superstition. But my pre-race snack always includes a bagel. Even if it means I have to get up a little earlier to eat it. My worst race experience did NOT include the bagel. In my mind, it was the reason I felt like crap and ran my slowest 10K ever. I need my pre-race bagel.

And that's a stock idea who is raising their baby right and feeding them a bagel

But wait! There's more. I get up extra early and take a shower pre-race. There was one time that I over slept and didn't have time for that pre-race shower. Ick! I felt so uncomfortable that morning. Of course, a couple miles into it, I was sweaty and it didn't matter at that point. It was a Half Marathon, and by the end, I was in need of a post-race shower. Does the pre-race shower make me run farther or faster? I don't think so. It does however put me in the right mind set and a good mood. I need my pre-race shower.

Caffeine! Don't forget the pre-race caffeine! Coffee doesn't work for me on race day because it upsets my stomach before, after, and during the race. However, there are many gels and gummies available that provide athletes with energy. The secret ingredient is almost always caffeine. I'm going out on a limb and going to say it out loud, "I'm addicted to caffeine and can not start my day without it!" I need my caffeine in the morning whether it's pre-race or pre-work.

Another stock photo, but a delicious looking cup of coffee

I hate being rushed....ever! Therefore, I like to get to the race early. It gives me time to socialize and figure out my place in line (think corrals at races with thousands of people). It also gives me time to stretch and hit the portable bathrooms before the start time. It also gives me time to relax and work through the pre-race jitters. I need my personal time and I don't need someone telling me to hurry up!

What does your pre-race schedule look like? What tasks must be completed in order to have a good run? Would you call it a habit? Or do you believe in superstition and feel you must follow your "to do list" or something bad will happen? As long as it is legal, I'm going to encourage you to keep your pre-race routines. Whatever works to get you out there on the start line, motivated to finish, and pumped that today might be a day for a personal record, just do it.

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